About ETAK
ETAK "Firsts"
ETAK "Firsts" : A pioneer in the Hong Kong food industry

Since its beginning, ETAK has been committed to being a market leader in the food industry in Hong Kong. We are extremely proud of our many accomplishments over the course of the past few decades and are continually striving to provide our customers with new and innovative products while maintaining the high level of service they have come to expect. Some of the things that ETAK was the "First" to accomplish in Hong Kong include:

  • First full loads (85,000 lbs) of fresh produce from the USA by charter airplane into Hong Kong
  • First to bring in grapes in lugs by refrigerated container to Hong Kong
  • First ever all-cargo wide-bodied DC-10 aircraft into Hong Kong carrying over 115,000 lbs of fresh fruits and vegetables
  • First container load of fresh USA eggs into Hong Kong
  • First to introduce live Maine lobster, Cherrystone clams and Pacific oysters into Hong Kong
  • First to bring in White Fur Christmas trees for the retail market to Hong Kong

First all-cargo wide-bodied DC-10 leaving
the USA for Hong Kong in 1973

First to bring in grapes in lugs to Hong Kong

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