About ETAK
ETAK "Firsts"

ETAK was founded in 1969 by current chairman George Mendenhall to introduce fresh and frozen food products to Hong Kong by air and by sea from around the world. One of the many challenges facing the company in the early years was getting products to Hong Kong in good condition. Export quality food products were difficult to find, sea shipments were infrequent and often took months to arrive, and Hong Kong's airport at the time, Kai Tak, had very limited cargo service. ETAK is distinguished as being the first company to bring an all-cargo wide bodied DC-10 aircraft into Hong Kong. The aircraft was carrying 115,000 lbs of fresh produce from the USA.

Today, we receive almost daily air shipments of fresh fruit & vegetables, seafood, and other perishable items from around the world and weekly loads of refrigerated/dry sea containers from the USA and Australia.

Since its beginning, ETAK has remained committed to its vision of providing distinguished food service for discriminating tastes. ETAK has introduced Hong Kong consumers to hundreds of new products from around the world. Whether you are a resident of Hong Kong or a first time visitor it is almost certain that you will come across one of ETAK's many products in the supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, clubs, and other food service operators throughout Hong Kong.

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